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Anderson Powerpole Connectors

(In stock at KCARC, with tool available)

One of the many benefits of KCARC membership is free access to the Anderson Powerpole crimp tool and the group buy connector inventory. $5 gets you five connectors. If you aren't familiar with these "sexless" 12 volt power connectors, you should know that most emergency communications organizations including ARES and RACES have standardized on them, and many hams have as well - providing universal interoperability between power and equipment. Bothe the supply and load sides use the same connector. These work for both mobile and fixed installations. Almost all who've tried them agree that they're a most elegant solution. The standard size is the 30 / 45 amp housing:

30 amp contacts are used with 12 and 14 awg gauge wire ( 16 can also be used by doubling over the conductor inside the crimp.) 45 amp contacts are used for 10 gauge wire. Both 30 and 45 amp contacts, because they use the same housing, mate together and mix fine. Powerwerx sells them.

Both sides mate together with a press-in roll pin keeping them from sliding apart.


Five parts comprise the basic kit Powerpole
When properly crimped using the correct die, the wire junction equals or exceeds the integrity of a soldered connection. Powerpole
Some folks report poor results with powerpoles - those who didn't use the correct crimp tool. Tool
Patent drawing at right shows cutaway cross-section. pp_dwg
Arrays of powerpoles can be ganged for multiple point distribution. Multiple

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